Property Finding

How much do you value your time?
How much is it worth to find the right property?
And how much do you you value your peace of mind?
The sum of these questions is a property finder.

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What I do, in other words, is to save a client time when looking for a house.
It is fundamentally important to concentrate on viewing a chosen few instead of many for those whose time is precious. Quality not quantity to find the right object.

Quality, careful interpretation of need, “ a dream house”, to go in search of two or three properties which fit the client’s dreams and requests to the perfection.
Quality in relation to years of experience acquired in the Tuscany region. Quality of a made to measure service which leads to assisting just a few clients, so that one can pursue their requests personally and with the maximum attention.

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What is a Property Finder?
A Property Finder is a personal consultant who works exclusively for those who want to purchase or lease a property.
He is a qualified professional commissioned by a client who demands a top quality service. He has a refined ability to listen and understand a client’s needs, and from the beginning, focuses on those properties that have the right characteristics.
A Property Finder works exclusively in the interest of his/her client and guarantees the best quality service with experienced knowledge of the property market together with a large network of contacts around the region. All of this permits an amplified area of research of the property market which includes private properties, houses or premises under auction as well as that area of the market which is less accessible and to which the Property Finder can assess ulterior information.

How does a Property Finder operate?
A Property Finder gives shape to the dream home, he/she then develops and works to make it a reality, focusing on the only real thing that is important: finding the right property for each individual client. Why, because everyone is different and therefore should be treated as such, as well as, respecting their preferences when looking for a house.
A Property Finder accelerates , facilitates and is the preferred route for those who demand a truly motivated, discreet and dedicated professional service. His/Her work starts with a meeting to understand and analyse the specific needs, wants and preferences of a client, identifying the correct typology, location, services, context, budget and deadlines.
Analysing financial and economic aspects with the client, and when necessary including the participation of specialist partners. Timescale for research 30-60 days approximately. While the Property Finder looks for the right property the client can continue his/her daily business, devote time to personal and family matters with tranquility. During this period the client will be kept up to date with regards to the research and its progress. When the right property has been found the client will be contacted for a viewing.
Finding a house in Tuscany

There are many dream homes, of all types and sizes in Tuscany. This is a region of Sea and Wines, and together with a varied landscape, is capable of pleasing and surprising even the most demanding person. However, it is not an easy assignment for the Property Finder who needs to be wise in finding the right property at the right price. It is possible to choose from splendid coastal areas which are well equipped to accommodate intense tourism, or move inland to the soft rolling hills which offer an ideal microclimate perfect for meditation and relax. Here you will find typical old country houses and Tuscan farm houses with their thick stone walls, terracotta floor tiles and wooden beams.

The most prestigious houses very often enjoy sea views and frequently the house will be surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Olive oil and wine are the main protagonists of the farming businesses in this region. These products are also particularly appreciated by residents who have fled the city looking to rediscover nature and dedicate their time to the land. There are, of course, the cities of Art and a multitude of antique villages where time seems to have come to a standstill.

From the Etruscan coast moving inland to the hill tops of the Wine Road (Montescudiaio, Guadistallo, Casale Marittimo) to the famous villages of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci until reaching the more isolated and fascinating villages of Sassetta and Monteverdi Marittimo. My suggestion for those looking for a house in the Tuscany region would be to rediscover these roads, the countryside and those quaint old villages which lead right down to the coastline. It is only when you truly know this region that you can decide what area is right, and then dedicate your time in looking for a property.